Saturday, October 6, 2012

More Traditional Halloween Costumes Part 5

So, has everyone decided on their kiddo's costume? What will it be? So far, we have seen costume options for funny clowns, cowboys and cowgirls, pretty princesses, and sporty kids. There are so many other options for creative costumes, so if you haven't decided yet, do not fear! This post will be a little bit of this, a little bit of that, and a whole lot of vintage kiddo fun!

Part 5- Even More Costumes

This two piece set would make a perfect gypsy or fortune teller from BondplaceVintage

Remember these vinyl costumes and masks? A Real American Hero from RetroRocketBaby

Sail the seas in this captain's uniform from LazerBabyVintage

I can just see this cape paired with a wizards hat for a magical Merlin from LaDiDottie

Add a pointed black hat and tiny broomstick to this dress from LittleLoveVintage

  I can't stand the cuteness of this Andy Costume or this Rainbow Bright Dress from LindasTimeCompass

This outfit has Pinnochio written all over it! from OliviaVintageKids


  1. I had that Rainbow Brite Costume! My mom sewed it by hand and the rainbow was a little pocket. I kept star confetti in there and ran all over the house throwing star dust! (don't worry-then I picked it all up so I could do it again!) It was the coolest. Hands down my favorite Halloween costume ever.

    I love this selection of ideas because you can really use your imagination. So many possibilities. How cool would it be to go as Pinocchio?

  2. Oh,it looks very good,I like the costume,Everyone hope they have a good time in Halloween,but I think you must have a Halloween costume firstly ~~~

  3. i always love the classic nautical look! and that pinnochio... amazing!

  4. Such cool costume ideas! I want to dress as Pinnochio!


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