Monday, October 1, 2012

Little Clown- Traditional Halloween Costumes Part 1

Halloween might just be my favorite holiday. This comes from my mother who lovingly handmade all of my costumes. Among my friends, I am notorious for having my costume picked out and ready before October. Now that I have my own kiddo, I am finding it even more fun to design and plan her costume. Our favorites are the traditional standbys and characters inspired by books. I thought it would be fun to put together a series of posts that included traditional options that could easily and affordably be found right here in the Vintage Kiddo Collective shops. Be sure to stop by every day this week for a new installment.

Part 1- The Little Clown

For the crafty mommas, a vintage pattern from OopseeDaisies

Just add some silly tights and a curly wig to this clown dress from HeySweetiePieShop

Perfect jumper for the clown who trick-or-treats in sunny SoCal from LePetitOiseauShop

This jumper could be worn to clown around any day of the week from LittleLoveVinatge


  1. Adorable!

  2. Your lovely posting on Traditional Halloween Costumes is such a great reminder of how fun the holiday can be. My girls are teenagers now, and this will be the first year they don't go trick or treating-- but all of the precious items remind me of the fun costumes we put together in years past: pumpkins, fairies, bubble bath, Santa Claus, and of course, clowns! Thanks once again :) Kylee of OnceSweetHorses


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