Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Visit With Corie from Fun Finds Vintage

My name is Corie and I own the Etsy shop Fun Finds Vintage. I live in Holland, Michigan, am married to my high school sweetheart and have two children, a 10 year old daughter and an 8 year old son. 

I'm actually super busy right now because it's Tulip Time! I do alumni Dutch Dance and my daughter, who is 10, is doing Kinder Dance for the first time. We both spent January through April perfecting our dance. It's a lot of fun to dress up in your Dutch costume, do your dance, talk to tourists, etc.

I even spent my summers in high school working at one of our local tourist attractions,Windmill Island. There is an actual windmill there that was brought over from the Netherlands in 1965. We Dutch Danced and gave tours of the windmill- a super fun job!

The other great thing about Holland is living right on the shores of Lake Michigan. At my
home, I can hear the waves when they are big. I work part time at Camp Geneva in Holland as the Special Programs Registrar and from my desk I can see Lake Michigan! I love it!

Besides working at the camp, I also volunteer with my church as a middle school youth leader. Reading is my favorite pasttime, I love the color purple, and my favorite food is cereal:)

I got into selling vintage because of my sister Amber, who is also a VKC member with shop Toadstool Vintage. I thrifted a lot anyway so I told her I'd help find things and she said, "Why not open your own shop?" So I did! Within a few days, I'd made my first sale and I was hooked! It's a great "part-time job" that I enjoy doing. It's such a thrill to hunt treasures. Sometimes I have to make myself drive PAST the thrift store! I don't need anymore inventory!

I find most of my stuff at thrift stores, my favorite being Bibles for Missions where I've found many of my quickest selling items, and many of the items in my own home! I'd have to say my best vintage find is a wool Pendelton blanket, a gorgeous blue and green plaid. My kids hate it because it's wool, and therefore scratchy, but I adore it. And it was only $3!

 Here are a few of the fabulous vintage finds at Corie's shop Fun Finds Vintage


  1. Oh my goodness Cori!!!!! I love this post! :)
    The whole idea of having a little Holland right on the shore of the Great Lakes sounds fantastic... How lovely to be part of so many fun and exciting Dutch activities!
    Thank you so much for sharing- this has put a smile on my face for the rest of the day! ;)

  2. Cori, you seem to have oodles of energy and always have a smile on :)
    As a Dutch gal myself, your home and surroundings and activities sound wonderful!!
    Keep dancing, and keep smiling!

  3. Bondplace VintageMay 10, 2013 at 7:55 PM

    Such a fun post! Holland, Michigan sounds like a great place to live, and your kiddos are real cuties!

  4. I'm so glad Corie started selling!! She finds some great things, and she's right, Bibles for Missions is the best! Used to be my favorite when I was in high school!


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