Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A Visit with Ashley from A Pear's Vintage Goodies

Ashley and her husband on vacation in Hawaii
Hi, my name is Ashley and my little shop is A Pear’s Vintage Goodies.
We live in a small-ish town just outside Calgary, Alberta. I was raised in the city so it’s nice to be away from it but still close enough to pop in anytime. We live right in the middle of the prairies but we can still see the Rocky Mountains on the horizon. The summers seem short and the winters are long but we get sunshine pretty much every day all year round and our winters are broken up by Chinooks that give us warm weather for a few days every couple of weeks.
Some of Ashley's thrifting finds in her basement "Etsy shop"

I have always been drawn to vintage. I started thrifting in High School and would often come home with vintage items to wear or to display in my room. I am in the middle of 4 brothers and they always gave me a hard time as I loved the 1960/70s hippy era for most of my high school days. They didn’t appreciate my love for bell bottoms and headbands when we went out together.  My love for vintage has just continued to grow since then. I definitely have a soft spot for the 1950s now and my brothers don’t mind my high waisted skirts and full dresses!

Zara and Kanya in their Easter finery

I have 2 girls, Zara who is 5 and Kanya who is 3. They are my little thrifting buddies. We head into Calgary a couple times a week to hit the thrifts together. They are often rewarded with a new book or toy so it keeps them coming with me! All our favorite thrift stores are conveniently located right by Gramma’s house so we often stop for tea and that keeps them happy too. Things will change in September when Zara starts school and I’ll be down a helper but it may be a nice break too!

Ashley's basement "Etsy shop"

I decided to open my shop one day last March when I was thrifting and finding all these amazing items.  I didn’t need them at all but I just couldn’t leave them there either.  I love being able to pass these items on to others!
 Our basement guest bedroom has been taken over by all my goodies that are for sale. My daughters call the room “Etsy shop”. They like to pretend it is their little shopping mall. I like to see all the sold items leave and all the new get added to the shelves/closet/dresser!

 A sampling of the many wonderful finds available at A Pear's Vintage Goodies:


  1. Ashley! This is such a fantastic article!
    You and your family are just adorable, and it sounds like you have found the perfect spot to raise your girls. :)

  2. Truely adorable Ashley! You find the greatest sweaters and that horse one has got to be the best yet. We just don't get sweaters like that here in southern California! Thanks for giving us a peek inside your life.

  3. Your shop is definitely one of my favorites! Your daughters are adorable.

  4. Bondplace VintageApril 3, 2013 at 5:30 PM

    I love your shop!!! Your girls are gorgeous and its so nice to learn more about you and your family!

  5. I also have sometime the feeling I'm saving unloved treasuries and helping them find better homes.

    Lovely picture of your girls (I though it was you younger...)

  6. You are so cute and so are your girls! Our kiddos will be starting kinder at the same time! I see so many favorites on your shelf... The jumping jack toy is one of my faves! And the FP hospital!


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