Monday, March 18, 2013

A Visit With Lori from Peppermint and Cocoa

Hello, my name is Lori and I run a little shop called Peppermint and Cocoa specializing in vintage kids clothes on Etsy.

I live in a lovely old home (or castle as I prefer to call it) built in 1890 with my husband, Joel, and my kitty cat. Our house is nestled snugly in the heart of downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan.

We relocated to the Mitten State, where I grew up, a year and a half ago to be closer to our families. I had previously split my time between Nashville and Chicago for the past ten years. Joel and I felt it was time though to plant roots closer to home, as we embarked on married life.

Little did I know that GR would be a great place to find vintage pieces, because no one seems to be into them. Score! I’d always found in larger cities that people were drawn to more of an eclectic style, so you had to really search for good finds. Here it is much easier to get your Princess Aurora beauty sleep, and roll out of bed later to cruise the thrift stores or local garage sales.


I have been seriously focused on selling vintage children’s clothes on Etsy since last March. I’ve always adored children, so clothes fit for little ones, seamlessly fell into my list of loves too.

I studied music business in Tennessee out of high school and worked in the Christian Music Industry in Nashville. However, I always had a tugging at my heart to devote more time to a dear passion of mine, which is writing picture books. I like to call my style of writing, modern-day fairy tales with a theme of purpose. I eventually changed careers and became a professional nanny. Which ended up going nicely with my writing aspirations.

I recently have taken time off as I am expecting (literally in a week and a half) a baby girl of my own. My husband and I are beyond ecstatic and I’m happy to say she already has an amazing vintage stocked closet. Hopefully she doesn’t rebel, as is the joke in my family, and want only GAP sundresses and Old Navy hoodies. We shall see.

Overall I hope my shop, Peppermint and Cocoa, conveys a feel of wonder and whimsy. Reminding us there is a little bit of fairytale in every stitch that goes into children’s clothes from days gone by.

A sampling of the goodies available at Peppermint and Cocoa:

photos (top to bottom): Lori's home, Lori's wedding, honeymoon trip to Disneyland, Lori's baby daughter's bedroom


  1. I love your story Lori :)
    Your castle is amazing, and the room you have all ready for your new little one looks like it fits in perfectly!

  2. It is so nice to get a little peek into your personal and professional life. The idea of writing modern day fairy tales with a purpose is amazing! I would totally read something like that to my daughter. Congrats again on your little girl on the way (soon!). What a fun mama she has!

  3. Love your story! Can't wait to see pics of your princess!

  4. love peppermint and cocoa!!

  5. Lori you and Joel are going to be great parents !!! And what GREAT stlye you both have. Can't wait to see that little bundle of JOY ! :O)
    Love !

  6. My new vintage loving soon-to-be mama friend! I lovey, love, LOVE Lori and she is just as adorable in person as she comes across in this post. xo!

  7. corie at fun finds vintageMarch 19, 2013 at 4:12 PM

    Lori, you and I are "neighbors." I'm in Holland. Congrats on your soon to be born little girl. They are too fun! And I adore your shop! Thanks for giving us a little peek into your life!

  8. Love your shop and fantastic feature! Congrats on your little girl on the way!!

  9. Lori! Your house looks amazing... how much fun! and the pink little bedroom for your baby?! Its beautiful!! Every little girl falls in love with pink... she will adore it. :)
    AND your shop is fantastic too!!!


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