Friday, March 1, 2013

Etsy Small World After All

Go global! There's a world of possibilities for your wee ones in these adorable VKC finds:

Mexican dress from therobotparade

Scandinavian inspired dress from fuzzymama

Children of Other Lands coloring book from OliversPaperie

Indian dress from lishyloo

Lapland Saami coat from HiSmallVintage

Our Wonderful World from AttysSproutVintage

Austrian tiroler dress from mien123

Guatemalan overalls from 1SweetDreamVintage

Greek jacket from StorybookRetro

The Costume Party from OnceUponABookshop

Chinese quilted jacket from PerfectlyVintaged

Bavarian style dress from TheVintageNursery

Tribal jingle dress from bondplacevintage

Play world currency from WonderlandToys

Swiss style hoodie from AudreyBlissful

Guatemalan dress from SugarOnTopVintage



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