Monday, October 8, 2012

Sunny Days, Chasing the Clouds Away...

As a child growing up, most of us probably watched Sesame Street. Watching it today with my own kiddo brings back so many fond memories of Cookie Monster and of course Super Grover. I'm so glad that even though they have introduced new characters, the same values and humor remain. Who was your favorite character? Who is your kiddo's favorite now?

Bert and Ernie

Let's start with our two best friends Bert and Ernie. Bert is irritable, while Ernie is goofy. Bert loves pigeons, while Ernie loves his Rubber Duckie. Bert likes to sleep, while Ernie always seems to be wakeful. Like most strong friendships, their differences compliment each other.

Puzzle from OliversForest

Everyone's favorite clubhouse from ToysofthePast

Bert and Ernie sporty jacket from VintageKidlets

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  1. My kiddo's favorite is Cookie Monster, and I'd have to agree!

  2. could not love this more!!

  3. Bert and Ernie are awesome!!
    Even with all of their differences, they are still the best of friends :)

  4. That needlepoint is amazing!! Love E&B!!


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