Friday, October 12, 2012

Furry Blue Monsters

Cookie Monster and Grover

Oh how I adore Cookie Monster and Grover...Who can resist a googly eyed monster with an unstoppable appetite for cookies, and anything that resembles them. Grover describes himself as "lovable, cute, and furry" and I couldn't agree more, except of course when he is SuperGrover. Then he is just plain awesome!

Ready to bake cookies in this outfit from LilMilliJayne

I wonder if they're all cookie recipes in this book? from OopseeDaisies

All the time is cookie time in this sweatshirt from 1SweetDreamVintage
Fisher Price Grover from ToysofthePast


  1. Holy balls, that puzzle is awesome!!! Grover is my favorite.

  2. How can you not love these furry blue guys?
    Love the Cookbook!!

  3. eeeep... that cookie monster outfit is adorable!


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