Sunday, July 8, 2012

Member Interview and Giveaway: MarigoldsDance

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Twitter:  @karrie_cakes

VKC: Tell us a bit about yourself and your shop.
Karrie: I am a New Yorker born and raised and recently transplanted to Missouri … soon to be heading off to Colorado… that’s the Army wife life (wink).  The Army moves so much and I have always worked, but was having a hard time finding a full-time job because of the relocating we do, so with my passion for fashion (and rhyming apparently ha-ha) I decided to open up an Etsy shop, which would allow me the flexibility that I was looking for.  My shop’s name is Marigold’s Dance and is actually named after my darling little daughter Scarlett, she is the light of my life, and was ultimately the reason behind the “start” of this journey.  Scarlett’s birth flower is a Marigold and well… the kid LOVES to dance, pretty much to anything… and boy does she get down!  So naturally, the name just evolved during the brainstorming.  I started to collect beautiful vintage pieces for Scarlett to wear and ultimately thought that a shop would be a great way to bring these pieces to others.

VKC: Why are you drawn to vintage?
Karrie: I was definitely born into this!  My mother was the type to be driving along with three crazy kids in the backseat and would suddenly swerve or bust a U-turn (safely of course!) in order to pull over and check out some “trash”, (at least that’s what I thought it was when I was younger) or a really rad yard sale.  My mother has only bought three new pieces of furniture in her life, a mattress (cause that might be weird from the trash), a couch, and a legit office desk, every other item in her home has been thrifted, garbage picked, or picked up from a yard sale.  My mom can take something that looks like its seen better days and turn it into a beautiful collectible item!  This curse, err, I mean gift was naturally passed on to me… along with saving every animal I find along the road… and has given me a passion for pretty much everything vintage.  I love that there is a story behind a previously owned and loved piece.  Looking at vintage pieces takes me back to my childhood, and the sense of nostalgia behind each item is truly what makes me swoon.

VKC: Where do you find your treasures?
Karrie: Absolutely everywhere, from thrifting, to estate sales, items passed down through family and friends, and best of all, my own attic!
VKC: What is your process when creating/working?
Karrie: Most of the pieces that I pick are only items that I love at first sight; it’s the gasp moment that makes me purchase a piece.   All of the items in my shop are definitely pieces that Scarlett would wear, has worn, or things I wish she was still small enough to wear, I even have “saves” for when she gets bigger… although my husband has made me promise that I limit myself to keeping only one piece per “find”… probably smart thinking or their wouldn’t even be a shop… I’d keep everything!

VKC: How do you promote your business?
Karrie: Facebook is something rather new to me with the shop and I’m hoping to use it more effectively this year.  Word of mouth has been really great so far, blogging is definitely exciting and fun for me (both writing on my own and contributing to others!), and of course ETSY!!  Etsy has been such a great experience, with an amazing supportive team like VKC your success is limitless!

VKC: What do you do when you are not creating/working?
Karrie: Scarlett chasing, Coffee, Reading, Shopping, Hubby training, Horseback riding, Cruising Etsy, and Instagram stalking (I’m obsessed!) …. And making plans for a future brick and mortar shop… one day!

VKC: What is your favorite item in your shop or that you have sold and why?
Karrie: The first order I sold is definitely a favorite of mine, it holds a sense of accomplishment for me, and it also included the first Polly Flinders dress that I have ever found, which started my love for the brand, I am always on the lookout for these stunning dresses.  Currently in the shop my favorite piece is a floral garden romper, it is so gorgeous in person… I picture a little girl running through gardens…her mum having tea with friends…  macaroons and cucumber sandwiches galore…. and a game of croquet…

VKC: How do you juggle your business and your personal life/motherhood?
Karrie: Early bedtime has been my saving grace, Scarlett is super “on the go” and I don’t get a thing done during the day, so bedtime (7:30!) is when all my “working” happens.  I also currently work at a clothing store part-time, so I have to work around that as well, some days it’s a lot, but working on my shop doesn’t seem like work at all!

VKC: What giveaway or discount would you like to offer our readers?

Karrie: I would like to offer a one-time coupon for three lucky winners:

First Place: 50% off any one item in the shop
Second Place:  25% off any one item in the shop
Third Place:  Free Shipping on any one item in the shop 

Thanks so much, Karrie!
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Good luck!


  1. What a wonderful and endearing interview Karrie!
    Your shop is awesome, and your family looks and sounds fun and exciting :)

    1. Thank you Holly, you are too kind!! ;-)

  2. great interview! and what a generous giveaway!

  3. What a great shop. And I loved the interview. I can totally relate. I have pretty much been a yard-saler, finder, "scavenger" (though I don't like the way that sounds...) my whole life. I love your creations! One website I LOVE for finding yard sales and estate sales is It maps out a route of local sales, so it saves me tons of time. Just wanted to pass that along :)

    1. Thank you so much Liz!! Awesome site thank you! Have you ever visited that ones awesome too!!!

  4. Loved the interview girl!! You are so creative!

  5. Karrie! What a lovely interview! I love the bit about Scarlett Chasing and Hubby Training :) Too Cute! Marigold's Dance is a FAV shop of mine and as soon as I start popping out babies I will be purchasing A LOT from you :)

  6. Your shop and your family are so lovely!

  7. i loved reading your interview! :)


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