Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Treasury Challenge #36

This week's treasury winner was Amber from Toadstool Vintage. She chose this fab little vest as the theme for this week's challenge.
Amber will pick her favorite collection (it's going to be difficult!) at the end of the week. You can see the treasuries inspired below. Which is your fave?


  1. I want something from each one of these collections! Barbie in Native American fashion- Yes! Airplane sweater- Yes! My own Teepee-Yes! Thanks Amber for inspiring these great collections!

  2. It's such a fab little vest! Why has nobody bought it yet!!! I wish it was my size!

  3. These all look sooooo good together!
    Amber's vest is an awesome inspiration piece!

  4. Too hard to choose - I love them all! Great job everyone!!!

  5. Great idea for a Treasury challenge! These all look great.


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