Saturday, December 31, 2011

Dogs vs. Cats

Who's the better pet? Are you a dog person or a cat lover? These selections from the VKC may help you make up your mind! Everyone has an opinion; What's yours?

Wind up Dog Edward Mobley Cat
by WonderlandToys by OopseeDaisies

by TheVintageNursery by 1SweetDreamVintage

by Babyshapes by starfriendsonearth

by OliversForest by ManateesToyBox

by LittleMsTips by SweetShopVintage
by littlereadervintage by BlueBirdLucys

by Lishyloo by VintageAga

by fuzzymama by miskabelly

by toysofthepast by OliversForest


  1. cute blog post! i definitely vote for the kitties!

  2. I have go with the Doggies! Kitties make me sneeze! :-)

  3. what not to like?? so adorable. thank you for including my puzzle!!

  4. Haha, I LOVE this! It's so cute to see the items side by side like that!

    I have owned both cats and dogs...and although I love both I do have a slight preference for cats (at one time we had four!)

  5. So many cute things, you can't go wrong either way. Although we have a cat now, I will always be a dog lover.

  6. great idea for a post!!

    cats are obviously better though! :)

  7. What a fun idea! I think I'm more of a cat person but I have two big dogs :)


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