Friday, August 12, 2011

Favorite 80's Toys

Hey everyone! It's Elizabeth from Sugarpetite here. I've got some fun vintage stuff currently available from our Etsy kiddo team members to show you today.
While I truly believe I was in my fashion prime during the 90's,

( By the way, I had my Blossom hat in three other colors including black- crushed velvet.)

my toys were from the 80s. And they were awesome. 
Let's begin our stroll down {my} memory lane.  

~ Oh, Rainbow Brite. I still love you.  There was something so magical about Baby Brite. I never had this doll, but I always wanted her.
 ~ My brothers and I had Follow That Bird!  recorded on a VHS tape, and we'd watch it over and over. I didn't know if Big Bird would ever make it back to Sesame Street- definitely a nail biter!

~ Jem. She truly is outrageous. This sticker book is super fun!

~ This next toy might have been more late 70's, but I played with my big brother's Little People (or Diddle-Diddles as we called them). My mom has a big bin of them at her house that we always drag out when we bring our kids over. This nursery set is in there. :)
~ We kept our viewmaster and reels in an old metal Popeye lunchbox. I love a toy that needs sunlight rather than batteries to work.
~ I remember getting this toy sewing machine for Christmas one year. It was so sweet!

One of the things I love about Etsy Vintage is that when I'm feeling nostalgic, I can find my childhood playthings and even take them home again.What was one of your favorite toys growing up?

~ Elizabeth


  1. Wonderful post Elizabeth!
    It is great that you included a photo of yourself!
    Everything you chose is fabulous......I love, love, love that sewing machine :)

  2. I love this!!

    I remember watching Follow That Bird over and over! It was such a good movie!! :)

  3. Your Blossom hat is classic. That was my favorite show in the 7th grade!

  4. O the toys - love it! I love the Little People!

  5. Love these picks! Rainbow Brite and Jem were faves here too :)And of course I couldn't go past a Care Bear.


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