Monday, August 8, 2011

Ethnic Vintage: Embroidered Clothing

I love this style of clothing that has really become popular lately - it's beautiful, it's hand-embroidered, and it's always unique. It's ethnic vintage!

When looking at these garments, I always try to imagine someone stitching on the tiny details in different country. It's not always easy to determine what country these clothes were made in, as a lot of them don't have any tags at all. (At least in my experience!)

I've picked out these items from VKC members because they have a "south-of-the-border" look to them, and were probably made in Mexico or Guatemala!
(links are below photos)

What do you think? Do you like this style of clothing?



  1. so cute! yes, this is one of my favorite styles! i have a slight obsession for peasant blouses, i just love all the little embroideries and the colors!

  2. I remember one of my first shirts I ever really LOVED (in about 7th grade) was this style. Boy, I wish I still had that...

    I have a little girls dress in this style that I haven't been able to part with yet.


  3. I love this style too! I wish I could find more latin american pieces for little boys!

  4. Oh my gosh you picked out the most adorable pieces!
    They are all wonderful!
    I wish my daughter was a toddler again!

  5. I love this style! It makes me want to throw a fiesta and have little kids come all dressed up!!


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