Friday, June 3, 2011

pink for boys?

whitney of little reader vintage tweeted me thursday
to let me know that we had been featured on the etsy blog.
it is a very interesting post on how boys originally wore pink
and girls were dressed in blue
and the role colors play in choosing gender specific clothing.
the writer references a smithsonian article
titled "when did girls start wearing pink".

i thought i would do a search to see if i could find any 
pink vintage boy clothing. nothing came up after numerous
tags. there are PLENTY of blue options for girls.
here are a few from some VKC members.
i am sure some of you dress your girls in blue but
would you or do you dress your boys in pink?

1. kyssa picnic dress 2. MissShapes polka dot babydoll dress 3. emmapanda smocked dress 4. fuzzymama frilly blue dress

5. OliversForest  girls corduroy overalls  6. sweet shop vintage baby girl balloon top 7. Lishyloo wee blue baby sweater  8. Binspired  quilted baby girl overalls

9. 3ringcircus frilly baby girl dress  10. little reader vintage royal blue prairie dress  11. the vintage nursery vintage prairie girl dress  12. oopsiedaisies linen hand embroidered dress

     heather of


  1. My son doesn't wear pink clothes, but he does have some pink diaper covers (we do cloth) that his sister used as a baby. Nobody sees them and I know my son doesn't care. :)

  2. interesting topic. i personally love pink shirts on men! oliver doesn't have any solid pink but he has a few shirts that have pink on them.
    thanks for the feature! xo

  3. Love this topic. (And thanks for including my Vintage Quilted Overalls!) I love dressing Priscilla in blue and other bright (non-pink) colors. But I don't have any pink for Sawyer. I think he'd object. But his favorite color is purple, which sometimes seems a little feminine.

  4. My son loves pink. We have an appreciation for all colors in our house. We do not discriminate ;)

    The color junkie

    P.S. This post has inspired me to make a pink T look masculine. I think I will put a snake on it :)

  5. Ooh, I actually FOUND a vintage pink boys shirt recently! I'm still debating if I'm keeping it for Cohen or if I'm selling it...the thought did cross my mind that it could be too "girly" but the feminist sociologist in me wants to ignore those thoughts, ha!

    Thanks for including my polka dot babydoll dress!

  6. my middle son has a pink shirt but the oldest in 4th grade won't wear pink.
    @mary ~ the green goat! you should totally make a pink tee for a boy!!!!

  7. I have a two boys who both love pink. My oldest is in fourth grade and has several pink shirts that his younger brother is jealous of (they make a lot more pink clothes in bigger sizes) I love little girls in blue!

  8. Hmmm, interesting. It is strange that pink is still so taboo for boys. Yet even when I dress my girl in pink, some people still think she's a boy...

    Cute outfits, by the way :)


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