Monday, May 16, 2011

Vintage Vinyl for Kiddos

Pulling my dusty old Fisher Price record player out of a cupboard recently and sharing it with my kiddos has led to a new item to add to my thrifting list- vintage children's records. My collection so far is small, but I'm sure it will get out of hand eventually. Listening to old Disney stories and 60s versions of nursery songs has been a treat. My kids just need to learn how to dance around without making the record skip!

Many etsy shops have some wonderful children's records from the 50s, 60s and 70s-Daydreamer's Unite


Ricrac and Buttons

Though I have a record player already, I am loving these finds, also available on etsy. Maybe you need one?
Sinderella's Attic

Retro Classics


Happy dancing, Jeannie


  1. So cool! We had a lot of vinyl read-alongs when I was growing up, but my folks also had a big collection of read-along cassettes that they saved. Last year, when my daughter turned 3 my mom got them all out and we gave them to her for her birthday, along with her very own cassette player. She loved them!

  2. bought the 70 player, love it!

  3. It's so funny - I'm right now in the process of downloading new mp3's to my kiddos' fisher price mp3 player. Oh how technology has changed!

    But ya know, I really miss those actual records and the cover art, too!


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