Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Vintage Raggedy Ann and Andy Sweetness

I just listed this friendly guy in the shop today.  It got me thinking about how much I just love anything vintage Raggedy Ann and Andy.  So I thought I'd go hunting for some goodies from Etsy to share.

Ceramic Raggedy Ann & Andy from aesthetikara

Alarm Clock from BornAtTheWrongTime

Hallmark Playing Cards from bostonbaglady

A Pair of Wall Hangings from Sweet Shop Vintage (VKC member)

Cupcake Toppers from YesterdaysWhimsy

Vintage Sheets from sheetsnsuch

A Thank You, Please, and I Love You Book from oopseedaisies (VKC Member)

Sweet Girl's Dress from Lishyloo (VKC Member)

Did you ever have anything Raggedy Ann and Andy when you were a little one?  Do your kiddos?


  1. i had an ann and andy doll and loved them!!

  2. My daughter, now seven, had a Raggedy Ann and Andy 1st Birthday Party! The book ends you featured were painted by my mother when I was little.

  3. penelope was vintage raggedy ann for halloween last year! she wore a dress i got from miskabelly!

  4. I have memories of listening to raggedy ann and andy stories as a kid. Such classics, those two!


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