Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Vintage Nursery Decor: Dutch Heidi Girl Style

I just listed this adorable dress in my shop today.  Priscilla modeled it for me, but it's just a bit too tight to keep in her wardrobe.
But I am loving this dress so much.  It's Dutch "Heidi Girl" style with the ric rac detail and tie-up front just send me over the moon!  And the subtle print on the red fabric featured dancing Dutch couples and folk art flowers.  *swooooon*  I'm always drawn to this folk art style and primary colors.  So I though I'd share some of my favorite DECOR items inspired by this little number.

Shopping List Holder (from VKC member shop, fuzzymama!)

Now I don't know about a nursery or kiddos room with ALL of these items.  Might be a little much in one room.  But I would love just a few in my little "Heidi Girl's" room!  Wouldn't you?!


  1. i love vintage and love the theme for a nursery. I really like that 40's Folk Poster!!

  2. I know, isn't that poster awesome. If you didn't already, make sure to click over to see the entire poster. This picture of it is a closeup.

  3. Love the items in this post! Your little girl is adorable!

  4. Such cute adorable theme for kids. Thanks again for including my pillow!

  5. hi krissy!
    your little girl is an absolute doll!
    thanks a bunch for including my vintage clock bank. so fun to be amidst all these sweet vintage finds. xox...jenn

  6. Great theme---I love everything here--your little one is a DOLL.
    Thanks for including my shopping list holder---could be repurposed into a frame or....?

  7. Fuzzymama: I just loved that shopping list holder too much to leave it out! I know my little ones would love to have it next to their play kitchen for pretend. I'm sure there's a place in a nursery for it somewhere! lol

    Thanks for all of the kind words everyone. she is my love! :)

  8. adorable and i totally have a thing for this style too! whenever i come across a Heidi style dress i squeal a little!

  9. This idea is too cute!! I love this theme!

    Thank you for including my Folk Metal Art Trays, they are magnetic and would very cute hung on the wall and used as memo boards!

    Your little model and dress are too sweet for words :)


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