Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Handmade Vintage Plush Love

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I think it's safe to assume that many of us are drawn to vintage because of we know it has a history.  It makes us feel connected to a different time period and to the people that might have worn, played with, and loved that treasure.  That's one of the reasons I'm always so excited to find handmade vintage items.  It adds a new level to that connection; a connection to the person that CREATED it.  It's fun to imagine a sweet grandma taking her time to handstitch a lovey for her first grandbaby.  

After listing this friendly knitted elephant today in my shop, I started discovering other adorable handmade vintage plush toys.  Here's what I found...

Have you ever come across any vintage handmade treasures like these?  Do tell!



  1. I still have a lot of things my mom (and dad) made for me when I was a kid, including: my old dollhouse, hair clippies, a unique-to-me fairy tale book, and even some tiny pottery my aunt made for me for my dollhouse. :)

  2. love the little dear and the blonde cloth doll, sure takes me back to childhood. I would so have a corner in my living room adorned with told toys if i could find a way to work it in. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Well, my entire living room is toys thanks to the little ones. haha! But not quite like you or I have in mind... Oh well, they're only young once!

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