Thursday, April 21, 2011

Vintage Kiddo Play Kitchen Cuties

Some of my fondest memories of my childhood revolved around playing with my play kitchen. I certainly wish my kitchen and accessories had been as cool as some of these I've rounded up!

Little Vintage Suzy Homemaker Oven and Sink, by happydayvintage on etsy

Vintage Little Lady Oven by vintagejane on etsy

Vintage Miniature Play Oven Stove by stilettogirl on etsy

Vintage Green Aluminum Cookware Set by cancan68 on etsy

Vintage Children's Kitchen Dishes and Accessories by nachokitty on etsy

Here are some fun accessories from VKC sellers:

Vintage Children's Russel Wright Play Dishes by jherrmann on etsy

Vintage Red and White Striped Fun Mugs by Binspiredvintage on etsy

Rare Aluminum Toy Cookie Cutters 50s by OopseeDaisies on etsy

Vintage Rainbow Tin Salt and Pepper Shakers by ohsydney on etsy

of little reader vintage


  1. This is so much fun, Whitney! Thanks so much for including my Vintage Picnic Plates. Funny though, I never had a play kitchen when I was a kid, but I vividly remember a set of vintage Tupperware dishes that I loved.

  2. We are actually shopping play kitchens for Cohen's second birthday right now, so this post couldn't have come at a better time! Such cute stuff!

  3. I love vintage kitchen toys! They are so fun to mix and match- much more fun than the kid's kitchen stuff sold today. Thank you so much for including my Russel Wright dishes among all your great finds!

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  5. All of these things take me way back! They are so cute! I am honored to have my apron included here...

  6. These are all so cute!! Love vintage kitchen toys!!

  7. What a wonderful collection of items!
    I am absolutely in love with the green aluminum cookware set :)
    I would have loved to have any of your "picks" when I was little, or even now ;)
    My sisters and I had an awesome wood set that Dad made, fridge and oven doors opened and he somehow made it so that the knobs on the stove turned!
    Thanks Dad :)

  8. Can't believe that these were just toys. Looking at them makes me feel like I'm on a real kitchen. I love it!


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