Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Vintage Baby Gifts: Cute Dresses, Collaged Frame, and Old Maid Banner

One of my best friends is expecting her first baby (on MY Birthday!).  I am so excited for her!  And I was really, really excited when I received the invitation to her baby shower, because this friend is totally into VINTAGE and HANDMADE!  (You should see her nursery!  Hmmm...  Maybe in a future post?)  Needless to say, I had tons of fun putting together her gift.
 I used a poor little falling apart vintage children's book to fancy-up a wooden frame for her (AhMAZING) ultrasound picture.  Sewed some vintage Old Maid cards on a colorful ribbon to create a banner for the nursery.  And I threw in two darling vintage little girl dresses that never made it to B.Inspired Vintage.
Here's a closeup of the baby's first photo in the antiqued frame.  I'm a bit partial to my own kids' ultrasound images, but I have to admit that this is probably the most clear and beautiful ultrasound picture I've ever seen.  Don't you think?!
As you can see, not everything was vintage.  I found this baby blue wire bin at Five Below.  (You can never have too many containers for a nursery, right mamas?!)  My kiddos picked out that colorful Eric Carle butterfly toy while shopping during our "Letter I is for Insects Week!"  And a few of our favorite children's books are tucked in that tissue paper.    But I did top it off with a sweet unused antique baby greeting card.  She really loved it, and I definitely loved giving it! (Plus, if it isn't tacky for saying so, it was really economical, too!)

Krissy @ B.Inspired

Do you ever gift vintage or handmade items?  Do share!


  1. that is crazy cute!

  2. I love it! My son had the Eric Carle caterpillar-- and it was his favorite baby toy.

    To answer your question--I love making baby/kid stuff! So I always try to do a handmade gift for friends. I either crochet blankets/animals or sew dolls/toys. I love using vintage materials but have never actually gifted vintage clothing. That's a great idea though!


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