Monday, April 25, 2011

Tiny Chairs and Tables- Vintage Furniture for Kiddos

I am smitten with vintage furniture for children. It charms me so, I think that even when my children are grown, I will still surround myself with little chairs and tables to set my drinks and potted plants upon.

I have always found some irony in the child's chair, though. Neither of my children ever really sit for any length of time! In fact, here is a photo of my Little Man posing so nicely for me, sitting on a little vintage step stool that he uses around the house for various things.

I wanted him to sit in the vintage bear rocker behind him, a favorite antique store find of mine that I'm sure I will never part with. I think he sat there for a second or two but had moved to the stool by the time I got my camera ready. He's got his mischevious twinkle in his eyes here. You will see why in the next image!

I have a little play kitchen set up in my living room, as most mommies of toddlers do. Next to the stove/cupboard area is a table and chair set that we use for setting up pretend meals and for various other activities. The chairs are great little chrome mid century pieces. They were recovered at one point in pretty current red and blue damask fabric. I'd love to recover them in vintage 60s fabric when I get a chance. The table is just a plastic thing from Ikea. It's nice and sturdy and covered here with a vintage tablecloth.

The next table is a recent find from my favorite thrift store. I think I paid about $2.50 for it. I love the print on the top. There are a few 80s food stickers that some kiddo stuck to the top of it. I think they are great so I left them on there. I've been using this little table in my kichen next to a shelf with various activities on it.

The rocker was mine when I was a little girl. My grandparents bought it in Hong Kong about 30 years ago. My aunt just shipped it across the country to me. She used it for her daughter who has now outgrown it. It was so sweet of her to send it all this way for my Little Man to use. He likes it more than the Bear Chair rocker, probably because he can get it to rock much faster. He is a wild child.

Though I've amassed quite a collection of children's furniture, I still often find myself poking around online to look at more. After all, even if you have a small space, you can fit many more tiny chairs and tables in your home than grown up size furniture! Here are a few favorites.

Vintage Chrome Table and Chair Set from ebay seller cassiashopper999
70s Folding Child's Table and Chair from pour toujours on etsy
Mid Century Child's School Chair from Bellalulu on etsy
Pair of Child's Chairs from Select Modern on etsy
Vintage Folding Child's Stool or Table from Dirty Birdies Vintage on etsy
Vintage Children's Desk with Red Chair from Heartland Vintage on etsy
Vintage Old School Aluminum Child's Rocker from Rerun'z Vintage 2 Modern on etsy

Jeannie at Sweet Shop Vintage


  1. Aww, your little guy is SO cute!!! It's funny, my parents just bought a set for their house that has the EXACT chairs you have in the living room (the chrome mid-century style ones). The table that went with the chairs is so cool and has awesome Formica top. I wish I had a picture to share here!
    Cool post Jeannnie!!

  2. You have a wonderful collection.
    Merci for your visit!

  3. OMGosh! That quilt pattern table is awesome. I would have died if I'd found that for $2.50! Thanks for letting up into your home to see your goodies!

  4. i have had my eye on the folding table set! adorable!


  5. I love the photo of your son-- what a doll! The quilt table looks strangely familiar. I think I had the same one!
    There is a child's chair I am totally in love with from Jherrmann's shop:

    I wish I had the space for it!

  6. Wait a sec, Jherrmann is Sweet Shop Vintage! Duh! (smacking forhead)

  7. I love the "quilt top" table...such a great find!! I'm always picking up cute vintage kid's chairs - love 'em!

  8. I just loved that chairs they look damn fabulous an antique piece...

  9. First of all i love that kid you look so cute dear:)How fair it is..your post was mind blowing..yes kids should have these sort of things so that they can feel enjoyable and peaceful too..Love it..

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