Thursday, April 28, 2011

Playdough Playtime

As a mommy to a two year old and a ten year old, I'm always looking for activities that both kids can enjoy together. One activity that usually goes over well for both of them is a little impromptu playdough playtime. The other day, we used the dough that the Easter Bunny brought us and some random doo dads from the craft cupboard to make our own little sweet shop, in honor of our collective sweet tooths (teeth?) and my etsy store, Sweet Shop Vintage.

I always try to have a stash of playdough on hand. As far as what kind, I like to mix it up. Sometimes I buy the commercial stuff (suprisingly I always find it at thrift stores) and other times when I'm feeling creative and have the time, I'll mix up a batch of scented, homemade dough with my kids. I have invested in some essential oils and adding them to playdough only increases it's therapeutic benefits. Some fabulous, natural playdough ideas can be found here at the Mini-eco blog.

Image Source: Mini-eco

If you have never made homemade playdough, you must try it sometime. So easy and fun. Cooking the dough and watching it plasticize (for lack of a better word) is neat! I know there are probably a lot of good commercial playdoughs out there. The best I have found in terms of texture and longevity is the one and only Play-doh brand. Image Source: The French Factrice

Interestingly, Play-doh brand modeling compound originated in the 30s as a wallpaper cleaner. Apparently, a classroom teacher began using it as a craft medium in her classroom. In the mid-50s, two savvy guys, Joseph and Noah McVicker used the idea to make and market the Play-doh we know and love today.

There are oodles of fun vintage Play-doh sets to be found and bought. I am seriously considering this awesome fire truck set for my toddler.

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Check out this vintage Play-doh advertisement from ebay seller, Fargo's Treasure Company

And how amazing is this collection of mid-century Play-doh commercials?

And finally, for the die-hard playdough lover, snatch up this fabulous little girl's dress by etsy seller, Go Go Goldfish!
Happy playdoughing!
Jeannie at Sweet Shop Vintage


  1. what a cool post! i love that head that you make play doh teeth for!

  2. Fascinating that it originated as wallpaper cleaner! Love this post. I love that you used little pony beads with the play dough. My daughter loves play dough. I'm gonna have to find some stuff to add to her collection! Thanks for the great post.

    Sorry to bury it under mine!


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